Playtime with Sir Winston by Bettina Niedermann

Last week I took a 36 hour turn around trip to NYC. One of the things that made this short visit totally worth it was seeing my friend and new mommy Annika with her darling of a son Winston. Can you believe he is only 10 months old?! He has the makings of a giant!

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse in LA by Bettina Niedermann

It was a beautiful evening on September 27th in Los Angeles at Barnsdall Art Park. There was an air of anticipation and many came out to witness the eclipse . Unfortunately the clouds interfered but we were fortunate enough to catch a beautiful sunset. 

And when the clouds get in your way... you improvise. 

Back at home we caught a glimpse. 

Labor Day Sunday in Vernon by Bettina Niedermann

Inspired by the HBO Show True Detective, I decided to photograph my friend and artist Theodosia Marchant in Vernon, CA. Having never been there and located just 5 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles, my curiosity was driven by the reputation that this city holds. So I had to see for myself. 

Well, it was interesting to say the least. If I had to describe it in one sentence I would say: It feels like you are walking towards the end of the world. As an artist I crave the run down industrial look and feel. Give me some steel, rusty beams and a deserted warehouse and I am happy. However this town left me feeling quite empty and with little desire to return. There was just a chilling vibe in the air that I can't quiet describe.

We ended the day in the Arts District - one of my favorite parts of LA.

Theodosia Marchant, Abstract Painter. To view Theo's work please visit