Originally from Austria, I relocated to New York many years ago. After what seemed like a lifetime of experiences working in Manhattan and exploring the city by foot, subway, taxi and through my camera, I decided to move to California to pursue the creative life I always desired. I'm happy to say I now call Los Angeles my home. One of my favorite things about this diverse and expansive city is that you can be whatever you want to be. So I decided to make my long time passion my job.


I love capturing colors, shapes and emotions to create crisp and vibrant images. Yet another reason why I love this city. Every day is filled with perfect lighting and unlimited backdrops!

Fun facts
I love breakfast!!!
I make insanely convincing donkey sounds.
My favorite movie of all time is Young Frankenstein. Taffeta darling!

 photo credit MY DAD maybe MY MOM

photo credit MY DAD maybe MY MOM